Help Wanted

Toot Toot! Time for the Train(ing and Development Committee!)

You know those great national trainings that Couples Coaching Couples offers every month? Have you ever thought – “We could do that!” or “We have some great ideas for topics!”

Well then — this Help Wanted posting is for you!!

The Training and Development Committee is searching for a few couples to help us create training opportunities via monthly zooms, convention workshops, and training videos for couples and circles. We currently are a committee of 5 couples from different circles throughout CCC.

The Training and Development Committee meets via Zoom once per month for 90 minutes. Our members are asked for a one year commitment to the Committee upon joining.

Interested Couples may send an inquiry Gary Waldron at [email protected]

Let’s Get Together and Celebrate!

Are you a planner at heart?

Does your couple love planning and attending fun events?

Always looking for a great reason to celebrate and share CCC?

Well then, the Convention and Events Committee needs you!

This is your couple’s chance to get upfront access to and input in upcoming CCC Events and the annual convention!

With monthly meetings to discuss ideas, locations, topics, etc. for future CCC events and conventions, your couple is guaranteed to have direct impact on upcoming adventures within CCC.

Interested Couples may email [email protected]

Gift of Gab? Talent for Technology? Desire to be a Part of Something New?

As one of the newest committees of the Couples Coaching Couples Board, the Communications and Technology Committee is looking to grow!

Currently the Communications and Technology Committee is in charge of the new CCC Connections newsletter (the one you are reading!), and we see the committee expanding into other copywriting, editing, storytelling and marketing needs in the future.

We are looking for couples who are interested in getting involved as we craft and expand what this committee does and how it makes CCC become a household name around the world.

The Communications and Technology Committee meets monthly for 90 minutes.

If you are interested in learning more, please email [email protected].

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