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What is CCC?

Couples Coaching Couples is a national organization dedicated to making couples’ lives profoundly fulfilling, joyful, and fun.

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How CCC Works

Couple coaching is a quartet relationship between two couples. Each couple acts as a coach for the other.

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Why join us?

Become part of a community of couples who are dedicated to growing in meaningful ways.

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Welcome! Couples Coaching Couples is a national organization passionately dedicated to making couples’ lives profoundly fulfilling, joyful, and fun. Are you interested in taking your committed relationship from “same old, same old” to extraordinary? Our community provides a technology & methodology for couples to coach each other and experience growth and profound relationships! Our members experience more joy, love, and connection while also contributing to other couples.

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In these unprecedented times, we re-affirm CCC’s transformative purpose, which is to permeate the world with peace and harmony. We are here for our member couples, our circles, and our community, and for those couples whose lives we have not yet touched. The bond that couples have is universal, and permeates our humanity, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, age, race or religion. CCC stands for inclusiveness and diversity and freedom of expression and love.
– CCC Executive Quartet

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What Couples are Saying

After being married for several years, through this work we are realizing what trust really means in a relationship. The coaches listen for our success as a couple. They take a stand for our life together being great. I see our work in CCC providing space, talent and coaching to be more in love with my spouse than ever.

EVER is a big word. CCC has given us a way to really, really be a couple instead of two people that are married.

—Ed & Dora

We’ve found that we all have so much in common with other couples, and that we can all greatly benefit from interacting with other couples in this structured setting.

—Craig & Michelle

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Upcoming Events

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