After being married for several years, through this work we are realizing what trust really means in a relationship. The coaches listen for our success as a couple. They take a stand for our life together being great. I see our work in CCC providing space, talent and coaching to be more in love with my spouse than ever.
EVER is a big word. CCC has given us a way to really, really be a couple instead of two people that are married.

–Ed & Dora

CCC reinforces our commitment to each other by keeping us consciously aware that our relationship is its own entity and how important it is to continue nurturing it.

–Eric & Verene

We’ve found that we all have so much in common with other couples, and that we can all greatly benefit from interacting with other couples in this structured setting.

–Craig & Michelle

It is a safe space for us to relate on a deep level with other couples. It has provided rich relationships and life-long friendships.

–Bill & Becca