Couples Coaching Couples (CCC) Ambassadors are recognized by the National Board of Directors of CCC for their sustained vision, courageous commitment, shared passion, and extraordinary service.

Mission Statement – Who we are:

  • We provide continuity as the year-to-year leadership of Couples Coaching Couples changes.
  • We are a vital resource for the success of the CCC Board and CCC committees.
  • We represent and inspire exceptional contribution by CCC Member Couples.
  • We inspire each other to continue our own growth as Couples, coaches and leaders.
  • We keep alive the long-term memory and history of CCC.

Purpose – What we do:

  • We serve purely as Advisors to support the Board and the membership at large. Never to dictate.
  • We lead and participate in trainings.
  • We support outreach.
  • We mentor new Member Couples.
  • We lead Information Sessions.
  • We encourage and support strategic thinking and BOLD action in CCC.
  • We foster leadership development.

Ambassador Couples listed by nomination year.

Ambassador Couple since 2023

Gary & Lisa Clement - Sunrise

Ambassador Couple since 2022

Joanne Barnett & Gary Waldron - Baltimore Reimagined

Ambassador Couple since 2022

Sandy & Lon Golnick - Westworld

Ambassador Couple since 2022

Kate Husband & Doug Ferguson - Michigan Without Borders

Ambassador Couple since 2021

Carol & Duane Gumbs - Northern New Jersey

Ambassador Couple since 2020

Amy & Dan Sheesley - Capital Connectors

Ambassador Couple since 2020

Michelle & Zack Clayton - Ohio Valley

Ambassador Couple since 2019

Holly & Tim Miller - West World, Rocky Mountain

Ambassador Couple since 2018

Amy & Steve Burke - Hudson Valley

Ambassador Couple since 2018

Norma & Bill Freeborne - Delaware, Seattle

Ambassador Couple since 2018

Francine & Steve Turtz - SoCal, West World

Ambassador Couple since 2017

Carol Herndon & Paul Bennett - Capital Area, Capital Connectors

Ambassador Couple since 2016

Rhona & Nat Fiore - Northern New Jersey

Ambassador Couple since 2016

Karen May & John Marra - Hudson Valley

Ambassador Couple since 2016

Phyllis Koch-Sheras & Peter Sheras - Virginia, Heart of Virginia, Blue Ridge


Vialla Hartfield-Mendez & Hugo Mendez

In 2006 Couples Coaching Couples (CCC) gave the inaugural Hartfield-Mendez Lifetime Service Award, named after and presented to Vialla Hartfield-Mendez and Hugo Mendez, founders of CCC, for their years of generosity and dedication. This is an award generated prior to, and in the same spirit of the Ambassador Awards and are presented during national conventions to couples who have contributed over the years to having CCC thrive and grow.