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It’s so much easier now to discuss Sex and Sensuality! More than 2 years in the making, a wonderful set of coaching tools is available for breakthroughs in this area. Want to see them? CLICK HERE

So, how did it come about? Years ago, CCC did a scientifically designed study of the efficacy of its program and one of the key findings was that, although we produce significant results for couples in almost all areas of life (sense of partnership, parenting, money, professional satisfaction, reducing conflict, etc.), there was one important area where we made no difference at all: sex. While we have taken a few stabs at changing that over the years, including a convention workshop called “Let’s Talk About Sex” as far back as 2003, and a now retired Guidebook distinction called “Couple In Bed “, we never really moved the needle when it came to long term results for couples in the area of sex and sensuality.

The Guidebook Committee, whose declaration is “We curate the living wisdom of our community with integrity & passion”, decided to take on the issue in a formal way in 2021,. We started with a community Zoom call to hear the membership’s take on what was needed from CCC to make a difference around sex. We followed up that meeting with a community wide survey. Between the two, we learned a lot. First of all, our community is diverse. We comprise sexuality and gender expressions of every kind. Some of us don’t want to be coached about (or even have) sex at all, while others think it’s vital. And we learned that we needed both tools and insights to empower our coaching in this area for those who want the coaching.

With this mandate, we set to work over the next two years with a dedicated and diverse group of volunteers to develop a set of tools for couples and their coaches. The result is the keystone tool for couples called “Sex and Sensuality Guided Process,” which takes you through a personal inventory and then a structured conversation with your partner and finally your coaches to learn about your and your partner’s feelings and specific commitments around sex and sensuality. The process has been vigorously tested by a diverse group of couples and those who have done it report having breakthrough conversations as a result. We also created a set of tools for coaches to use when coaching in the area of sex and sensuality to empower one and all to feel confident supporting their coachees. The coaching tools and perspective were presented in a monthly Zoom training late last year and are currently available in the Toolbox section of our CCC Guide Book, along with the Guided Process. CLICK HERE to go to the SEX & SENSUALITY section of the toolbox.

We acknowledge the Sex and Sensuality Committee Lead Quartet: Kate Husband & Doug Ferguson and Jackie Thompson & Charlie LaPointe and Committee Members : Crystal Sunshine & Bryan Lentjes; Karen May & John Mara; Zack & Michelle Clayton; Donna & Ellen Gestl and Robb McDougle & Cathy-Anne Gins
for the years of effort and ongoing commitment required to deliver these valuable tools to our community. We are excited to hear that there is more to come!!!

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