Letters to the Editors

Dear Newsies,
We loved this issue. So many rich and well-written articles! I read it cover to cover and was so impressed. This is probably the best newsletter CCC has ever seen! Congrats and thank you!!
Doug Ferguson and Kate Husband, Michigan Without Boarders Circle

Hello wonderful Newsletter Committee,
We just had a chance to dig through the February newsletter and just want to say: WOW!! THANK YOU!! We can feel the love that was poured into this and we are so appreciative to all of you for your time and talents. Keep up the awesome work!!
Laura & Scott Strother, Rocky Mountain Circle

Dear Editors,
Our Couple has delighted in your site and newsletter. We loved reading about the start of CCC. The Gottman references and furthering of them gave practical and theoretical help. Also helpful were the links to past newsletters.
Our Couple dove into the Curiosity for Couples idea and are looking to form a project around that. (We think it could be a distinction. We are newbies, this being our 2d quarter, so maybe that’s not applicable.)
Our Couple plans to explore further the Alphabet game and the Love Language quiz. There is SO MUCH here and we are very grateful for all the work that creates the Newsletter.
Therese Colette and Michael Baggetta, Hudson Valley Virtual Circle

Dear Newsletter,
Just a quick note as it is late and my eyes are drooping. I just went to the newsletter and read all the articles. I loved it.  Especially liked the focus on the two couples. I wonder if there is a way to indicate on the newsletter how to communicate with your quartet.
Good night!
Karen May and John Marra, Hudson Valley Circle

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