Table of Contents Issue 4 – Spring 2024

In the News

We are Family: Using CCC Distinctions with Family Members In her work as a mental health counselor, CCC member Jen Schwartz works with individuals, couples, and whole families, using many modalities to support her clients. She has adapted some of our CCC distinctions for clinical use, including children as young as three and an 80-year-old great-grandmother.  Read more >>

Behind the Curtain

What’s new for Convention 2024? Two unique features have been generated by our theme, New Possibilities for Connection. The first is how things are happening behind the scenes while the program is being created for you. You will start to experience the second one Friday morning when you will be instructed not to sit with your partner for the first workshop.  Read more >>

Dear Ambassadors

With marriage comes the bonus of in-laws. If and when your kids get married, you get and become in-laws again. What can we expect from our in-laws? Our Ambassadors offer great advice.  Read more >>

Meet Our Members

A Story of Intentional Family It is no accident how Patty and Chris Flanagan-Linderman and their daughter Makai do family. It’s intentional. They were intentional about becoming a couple. They were intentional in their decision to adopt Makai. They have even relocated their family to Costa Rica to be part of creating an international intentional community. Read more >>

Get Inspired

Delve Deeper With Family & Friends You don’t know what you don’t know about your family and friends until you ask. Bring CCC’s distinctions into your conversations with family and friends and get to know everybody better.  Read more >>

Letters to the Editors

Dear Newsies, We loved this issue. So many rich and well-written articles! I read it cover to cover and was so impressed. This is probably the best newsletter CCC has ever seen! Read more >>

Celebrate the Season

Acknowledging Mothers and Fathers On Mothers’ Day, May 12th, and Fathers’ Day, June 16th, let’s take a moment to recognize our parents, ourselves as parents, and all the others who have taken on the important challenge of parenting. This year let’s be as inclusive as we can.  Read more >>

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