Couples Coaching Couples currently has 20 circles (local chapters)

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
    • North & East
    • Central
    • South
  • Blue Ridge (VA)
  • Capital Connectors (Washington DC)
  • Chicago
  • Delaware River Valley
  • Denver
  • Heart of Virginia
  • Hudson Valley
  • Michigan 
  • Northern California
  • Northern New Jersey
  • Ohio Valley 
  • Seattle
    • Seattle
    • Seattle Eastside
  • Sunrise (East Coast Online)
  • Utah
  • WestWorld (West Coast Online)

Online Circles

Our Online Circles are designed for couples interested in joining CCC but:

  • Do not live in a geographic area where one of our circles currently exists,
  • Travel throughout the year and desire the flexibility afforded by an online community, and/or
  • Are interested in developing relationships with couples across the country.

Made up of couples from around the country and available to couples around the globe, these couples meet via virtual conferencing for their quarterly meetings. Each quartet conducts its weekly calls either by video conference or by phone as is done in every other CCC circle. They even have socials via video conference.

Thus, there isn’t anything in the way of an interested couple being able to participate, other than being flexible with scheduling.

It is also then possible for couples who initially belong to the Virtual Circle to start a local circle of interested couples in their city or region!