About Couples Coaching Couples

Couples Coaching Couples is an organization dedicated to providing couples with the tools and resources that will assist them in realizing the full potential of their relationship. We are passionate about helping our member couples achieve not only satisfaction in their relationship, but a deeper level of commitment that can best be described as a high-performing and profoundly fulfilling relationship. We hope that you will explore more and consider joining us.

What is CCC?

Couples Coaching Couples is a national organization dedicated to making couples’ lives profoundly fulfilling, joyful, and fun. We have found that this can be most readily achieved with the help of a supportive community: a safe and inclusive group of people that serves as a support and a resource for each other.

We are currently made up of over 170 couples spread out over the continental US. Our volunteer committees are constantly developing new content; training new members, mentors, and leaders; planning national and regional events; and ensuring the quality of our processes.

Our mission is to create an ever growing community of couples who see the value in enriching the lives of other couples. As an organization, we have been successful in helping our members cast aside habits that no longer serve their relationship while uncovering and embracing new and exciting ways of connecting to their partners. Join us and discover a range of new possibilities.

How It Works

What Is Couple Coaching?

Couple coaching refers to the quartet relationship between two couples where each couple acts as a coach for the other. Couples utilize the member manual and training resources to effectively coach each other to elevate their level of love, affinity, and effectiveness with one another.

Our Process

The two couples in “quartet” pair up to have weekly, 1-hour, structured conversations with each other through video conferencing platforms such as FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. Couples share about ground taken, breakdowns and breakthroughs, areas of future growth, and results from doing assigned homework. Halfway through the conversation, the couples switch roles. Couples choose for themselves which areas they’d like to address in their relationship, and couples are never pressured to share about specific areas of life.

Each quarter of the year, so once every three months, the local circle will organize a “quarterly meeting” where the circle will convene in person for specific training workshops and community building.

During the year most circles create social activities for members and non-members, opportunities to connect on a social level outside the “work” usually done at meetings and on calls.